Here’s what Sellers want to know when listing a property for sale.

How do I set an asking price for my house?

Try to view your house as buyers will see it. They will look at many homes, and compare yours according to condition, features, appeal and price. Use your agent to research what similar homes are on the market now, so you can price yours taking your competition into account. Also, have your agent provide you with the sales history of comparable homes sold in the last six months or so. What prices were recently paid for houses like yours?

How long will it take to sell my home?

It is not uncommon for houses to stay on the market for a year or so, though the average is about 9 months.

Should I remodel or decorate to make my home more appealing?

Concentrate on the areas that can be improved for a reasonable cost. You will probably not recover the cost for extensive improvements. Walk through the house with your agent and listen to suggestions for eliminating any negatives that might detract from your home’s appeal. Also, the agent will make suggestions on any enhancements that would attract buyer attention.

There are some repair and maintenance items that need to be done. Should I do these before putting the house up for sale or wait for the buyer to ask about these and then negotiate?

Take care of all the items you can before selling. Hidden problems will be revealed later on in the home inspection that the buyer conducts.

If problems come up with the home inspection, how do we handle repairs with the buyer?

To address repairs that a homeowner requests, often a compromise response is best. Fix what is reasonable and negotiate the rest. Your agent can get estimates from repair contractors and advise you.

If the buyer decides to decline the purchase during the Due Diligence period, can the sale be canceled?

The buyer can decide to withdraw from the sale and receive a refund of his deposit during the Due Diligence period.

What is the status of the vacation renters who have reserved time in the home?

By law, a new owner is obligated to honor the existing contracted rentals from six months following the transfer of property.

What happens to any prepaid rental income from vacationers whose rental occurs after the property changes hands?

Once the buyer becomes the owner, he is entitled to receive all rental proceeds for rents from the day of his ownership. Rental income funds are prorated from the day of closing and any advance payments made to the seller are credited to the buyer at settlement.

How can I designate certain personal property items in the house that are excluded from the sale?

Make a list of the items which you want to retain and your agent will include this in the sales information for buyers.

What will the real estate company (Brindley Beach) do to sell my home?

Brindley Beach is at the top tier of brokerage companies on the Outer Banks. Our agents consistently sell homes for the highest prices in the shortest timeframe. Repeat business is our emphasis and we have been going strong and growing since 1984.  Because of our sales success, the firm attracts the best agents who have the drive to succeed for their customers.  We know that more than 90% of homebuyers start their search online, so Brindley Beach makes extensive use of the internet, social media and associated technologies. We have a strong rental department with over 600 homes, and there is a beneficial crossover between homeowners, renters, and buyers. The two sides of our business, sales and rentals bolster one another. Let us advise and assist you in selling your home.

What other costs will I pay in the sale of my home?

At closing, sellers will pay a transaction tax to the county of 1% of the sales price. Also the seller pays their attorney fees and a sales commission that is divided between the listing and the selling firms.

When is the best time of year to sell?

Sales occur throughout the year, with a slight increase in the Spring. Often sellers will put their property on the market in the Fall after the rental season. Because the timeline for selling a house can be long, it is better to put the house on the market when you decide to sell rather than wait for the ideal season.