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Jennifer Spruill - Broker

Jennifer Spruill
Name: Jennifer Spruill
Office Location: Duck
Office: 252.982.6100
Toll Free: 877.642.3224
Mobile: 252.982.6100
Fax: 252.261.6996

Jennifer Spruill became a Realtor in 1988 shortly after moving to the Outer Banks from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her Mother was a realtor here beginning in 1972. She learned the in’s and out’s of the business and of the area. Jennifer drove or rode every road in the area; and many drives with no roads at all.

“What a treasure to discover this place of marvelous wildness and constantly changing beauty. It is no wonder that people seek it, then and now. The Outer Banks offers opportunities for solitude and togetherness. It provides an ever changing backdrop for the ongoing cycles and rhythms of life.

The decision to become a party of this sand and sea, sun and wind can be a giant step. A trustworthy agent, mindful always of your interest is like finding a piece of blue beach glass resting in the sand.

It is up to you whether you run to greet the incoming tide or retreat from it!”